Elgi, a brand with strong tradition and 40 years experience, is still moving through his growth path in the market of Made in Italy:
high quality materials and targeted choices of style, made our products unique and inimitable.

Elgi, indeed, represent and give life to the woman who wants feeling young, stilish and elegant: skirts and trousers get alive in a trendy comfort.

Elgi is:
a nonpareil style of the patterns,
a refined hunting of seductive models,
meticulous labor,
highest quality material selection,
use of comfortable tissues.

Every new collection, our creations are, at the same time, a timeless product and a innovative one. The mood that distinguishes our collections and the continuous research of new styles and materials.

"What does a woman want?"

Elgi knows it. Elgi is the answer, because Elgi brand itself is woman, quality and elegance.
It uses to listen women, gives them value, made them unique and keep them feel special, because women are invincible wearing their favourite dress.